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* Bonus 1: Complete Custom Designed Video Marketing Sequence Funnel that Converts extremely well.

This 4-part Video Sales Letter Funnel, or VSL as it’s called, is a big reason I’m on the 8FDL leaderboard month after month, and for the first-time ever, I’m going to custom-design this same funnel for you…you simply advertise it, and that’s it! This will have you seeing real results in no time flat.

* Bonus 2: Your own Custom Branded 8FDL YouTube Channel

Don’t worry, you don’t even need to make a video or appear on camera. The custom VSL funnel that I create will host these videos and I’ll fully optimize each one to give you a Youtube presence that generates leads 24/7, even while you sleep.

* Bonus 3: Effortless, Fully-Integrated SMS Text Message Marketing Integration

Without you having to lift a finger, every one of your prospects will receive a personalized automated text message (after they’ve opted-in to your site to see the webinar). The open-rate for personalized text messages is at about 95%. Once prospects see the power of this automation in play, it prompts them to take action! (and you can get a taste of how this feature works by entering your cell number on the form below).

* Bonus 4: 3 personal 30-minute, 1-on-1 phone consultations with me where you’ll basically see the EXACT BLUEPRINT for how the top leaders do it.

Have you ever wondered how the top leaders in the high ticket industry seem to almost effortlessly show up on the company leaderboards month after month? In this exclusive 1-on-1 phone consultation bonus, I will show and illustrate to you exactly how it’s done so not only will you not have to keep “wondering how” it’s done, but you’ll get to start reaping the benefits of the exact same blueprint.